Sagamore Parkway Task Force / Plan

Curious about how Sagamore Parkway became what it is today, I started researching everything I can about this stretch of road that was considered the Downtown of West Lafayette for a number of years.

The majority of the developments are in the form of Integrated Centers or Strip Centers. These types of developments are not conducive for pedestrian discovery or bicycle friendly, disqualifying it, in my mind, as a Downtown center for the City.

This page will serve as a reference point in my research. I hope you find some of this information useful.

An incredible thank you to the West Lafayette Public Library for their subscription to ProQuest, which provides 1999 – Present access to the Journal and Courier.

You can read the full Final Report Sagamore Parkway Task Force report:


The Sagamore Parkway Task Force was created in 2003 by Mayor Sonya Margerum with the purpose to “examine ways to expand business and job growth along the highway.”[1]

Around this same time (2003), a new strategic plan was developed for the City of West Lafayette [most recent one was 2010] by Mayor Margerum.¬† It was focused on starting¬† “initiatives in the areas of quality growth; urban design; technology company expansion; major transportation infrastructure; housing and neighborhood developments; parks, recreation and the arts; and community profile, promotion and communications.”[1]


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