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Becoming more of a Machine

In preparation for purchasing an Android based device, I started researching some items I think I will need when I make the switch. My main priority is to find a way to not use Google for every damn function on the phone. I think I have found alternatives to most items and then some:

vCardIO – An free software to import contacts in the vCard 2.1 format
Video showing how to use vCardIO
netcounter – A free software to monitor your bandwidth consumption on an Android device
ancal – An free software PIM software package

70 Awesome Android Apps

my life with android – Blog about various programming experiments with Android
Android Development Tutorial

More to come when I actually make the purchase. Right now I am looking at the HTC Aria since we already use AT&T.

Now I must stew over this and wait to see if I really want to take the plunge.