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Easy Keyboard Looper

Working on the 10-minute play festival that is happening at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette this Friday and Saturday (7pm door, 7:30 show, pay what you can [regular tickets are 18. {this is less}]), it occurred to me that the sound software in use is not very friendly or fun.

Simple Keyboard Sampler UI

You also need gate and loop options per key:

Simple Keyboard Sampler UI

I need to find a language that I could easily write this in. Maybe  HTML5?

The goals are:

  • Sample Sounds
  • Simple UI
    • Press key, assign sound
    • Per key options
      • Gate
      • Loop
  • Multiple sounds at once
  • Platform independent

Any thoughts, let me know.

Landscape Decision [Informed] Making Wizard/Quiz

Being a recent home owner, I thought it would be nice to have the ability to find the perfect landscaping based on certain criteria. I did a quick search on the web and couldn’t find one that worked as nicely as the ones I had found for dog breeds (e.g.’s Dog). does have a lawn quiz that can be helpful when choosing a lawn type, but not for landscaping in general.

Now I just need to find some metadata online regarding plant types and we might be all set.

If you come across a tool that allows you to choose various criteria (shaded, flowering, native, etc.), please comment!

Looping Timer Bash Script

Here is a simple looping timer bash script that plays a nice singing bowl sound using mplayer.  You run the script as follows: TIME

Where time is specified according to the sleep manual. For example, a 5 minute timer would be: 5m

function timer(){
while sleep $1; do
 mplayer -af volume=20:0 /home/user/2166__suburban-grilla__bowl-struck.wav

timer $1

Make sure you update the script to the location of the singing bowl, or whatever else sound you want to hear at each interval.

It currently does not display the remaining time. For a future release.