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Spoonerisms, Inventing Words, and Baielisms

I need to keep a better record of when these occurrences take place given progeny are now involved.  Referenceability is now key.

Tonight I attended the meeting about the new Happy Hollow school proposal.  After I got home I told Anne and Heironymus how the meeting went.  I spoke about the poligitators who were raising good questions and stirring the pot.

Nothing like smashing political agitators into a single word.

Shout-out to all of the poligitators in the Greater Lafayette area.  May the gadflies along the Wabash keep the masses determined and expressive and the politicians honest.

@sklink gave some other definitions when he saw the word:

Polygamist who like tator tots?

Politicians heading into treacherous waters populated with alligators?

Picture is from Gadfly Productions