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Here are some pieces of the Internet that I feel contain serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value. I hope you enjoy them.


Here are links to the various West Lafayette municipal meetings.  The way they post the files to their web site, you cannot pull an RSS feed, but we are working to assist them in that endeavor.


As of late, I have been watching City Council meetings on YouTube during lunch.  There are some fascinating expressions of civic discourse documented and uploaded for others to study and enjoy.  I am very grateful for how our two Cities handle and run their meetings.  Here some interesting ones I have found so far.  It should be noted that these titles are those from the YouTube videos themselves.

If you want to hear the political establishment ridicule one another, then you need to check out the roasts available on the C-SPAN archive.  Here are some that I have watched and enjoyed.

The Neo-Futurists are theatre group in Chicago (and New York & San Francisco) that I enjoy seeing whenever I visit the Windy City.  One of my favorite plays (that was also documented and uploaded to the Internet) was performed by the New York theatre.

Mitch Daniels.  Politician.  Among other titles, former Governor of Indiana.  Current President of Purdue University.  Fascinating individual.

Talks about Urban Life, Planning, and Existence

Random Videos

Henry Hills’ – Money – 9 of the 14 minutes

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