Leveraging the Internet

Thank you to everyone who attended this series of workshops.

Leveraging the Internet Poster

July 17th – Social Media
July 24th – Google Drive
July 31st – Freeflow

9AM – 12:30PM
West Lafayette Public Library

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Social Media

The Social Media Workshop will help participants understand the benefits of using YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Vine to help communicate with donors, volunteers, and other parties interested in you and/or your organization.  We will also cover various ways to embed content from these social networks on your existing web sites and e-mail communications.

Google Drive

The Google Drive Workshop will help participants familiarize themselves with Google’s Cloud-based file sharing solution.  An added benefit of using Google Drive lies in the ability to edit Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations in real-time with other users in a friendly, collaborative space.  Participants will also learn how to create forms to gather information from donors, volunteers, and other parties interested in you and/or your organization.


The Freeflow Workshop will allow participants to use the knowledge they have gained from the two previous workshops.  Participants will also push their projects forward by working with the instructor and others to leverage these Internet tools.  We will also discuss Crowdsourcing and FLOSS solutions that can be used in your organization or as an individual.

What to do?

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  • All workshop participants should bring ideas and projects they are currently working on or are interested in exploring in more detail.
  • Please bring a laptop if one is available to you.
  • The West Lafayette Public Library will have a few laptops participants can use if they do not have their own.

If possible, please sign-up for accounts with the following services:

2 thoughts on “Leveraging the Internet”

  1. Very informational. More info than I can process, but enough that gives me something to work on.
    Helps me make the decision to create docs in google drive instead of word.
    Need to go home and use the form info to make it my own.

  2. Good Morning!

    I saw an update to your Social Media 101 gallery on LinkedIn and stumbled across this set of resources. It looks great, and I wish I still lived in Lafayette to be able to attend future events. Have you met Jessica Eise? She is the communications director for the agricultural economics program at Purdue, and she has been developing a series of informational videos about social media, specifically Twitter in her first video. Have a look, and maybe try to get into contact with her and possibly collaborate resources! Hope you’re well, Man! I sure do miss Lafayette=)


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